“Nancy Ain’t No Yellowback Girl” – Review #1: Secret of the Old Clock

The Secret of the Old Clock


Hello, before I get this review on the road, I will be outlining these only slightly differently than my normal reviews. This is for my Summer 2017 Project, “Nancy Ain’t No Yellowback Girl”. I absolutely love the series, and decided it would be best to re-read them this summer! I hope you all enjoy this review, and the ones to come. 🙂 

Author: Carolyn Keene

Pages: 180 pages

Publisher: Grosset & Dunlap

Released: 1987 (first published 1930)

Series: Nancy Drew Mysteries

Character(s): Famous teen sleuth, Nancy Drew; Carson Drew, successful lawyer and father; Josiah Crowley, deceased man who promised money to like…. everyone.

Setting: River Heights

Began: May 26th, 2017

Finished: May 27th, 2017

Goodreads Summary

Nancy, unaided, seeks to find a missing will, and the search not only tests her keen mind but also leads her into a thrilling adventure.

Stream of Thoughts 

Chapter One – The Rescue

  • Where were Edna and Mary Turner when Judy was in the middle of the road?? For cripes sake, they’re losing their minds.
  • Such vintage names for all of the characters so far, love it.
  • “They kind of had large noses.” Don’t be so judgmental Mary, you barely can watch your own great niece.

Chapter Two – A Missing Will

  • They use the word “ruefully”. YOU WILL RUE THIS DAY NANCY DREW, RUE IT!
  • Ada and Isabel Topham. Blech.
  • Hannah Gruen is ACTUALLY a character?! Score one! I love her, and I hope she appears in later books.
  • Also, Hannah is petty as heck and I love it.
  • Apple pudding? That’s a thing? Drools.

Chapter Three – An Unpleasant Meeting

  • Hannah is such a motherly figure, awwweeeee. 
  • Ada and Isabel Topham: the Real Housewives of River Heights.
  • Does everybody freaking know about Josiah Crowley’s money?

Chapter Four – Racing the Storm

  • Are the papers to be delivered to Judge Hart in Masonville reminiscent of Tubby’s Telegrams in Titusville?
  • Nancy has lunch with a random judge and his wife. I wish I had this life of free food. 
  • Who jacked up Nancy’s convertible roof?
  • I love how she finds no fear driving to random places continuously. 

Chapter Five – A Surprising Story

  • GIRL. If you hit someone with your car, you would’ve felt it. 
  • A shadowy figure, ooooooh.
  • “Nancy was attracted to both girls”. Okay, okay, I can roll with this. 
  • How can you not afford company? Like, you don’t always have to pay to entertain.
  • Cake with chocolate frosting? I’m starving just writing this review.
  • I see a lot of myself in Allison Hoover.
  • “Don’t let it worry you, Allison. It’s your birthday.” Okay, listen Nancy, if you bring up something upsetting and then tell this girl to not get upset, then…????

Chapter Six – An Exciting Appointment

  • I wonder if Nancy named her car.
  • The word mystery is mentioned for the first time in this chapter!!!
  • Signor Mascagni. What a name.
  • Nancy talks to herself a lot.
  • Nancy is also super charitable. 
  • Isabel and Ada Topham need to leave River Heights, now.
  • Nancy is a very good eavesdropper.

Chapter Seven – The Angry Dog

  • Nasal voice? Ew.
  • “Mother watched him like a hawk.” Rude. He was a nice man.
  • Isabel and Ada Topham are extremely reliable on their parents.
  • “putting up with him” Again, rude! He literally was nice to EVERYONE. Even you scumbags.
  • Carson Drew is a smart-ass.
  • ” I promise to be as careful as a pussycat walking up on a slippery roof.” What the hell?
  • Reference to Titusville!
  • Nancy gets nearly attacked by a dog. Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake?

Chapter Eight – A Forgotten Secret

  • The word fracas is fun to say.
  • “I guess William and I counted our chickens before they were hatched.” Hm, interesting. 
  • Nancy is literally begging an old eighty year old woman to remember things, even after someone told her her mind was slipping.

Chapter Nine – Helpful Disclosures

  • Helen Corning shows up!
  • Moon Lake? Now, why does that sound familiar?

Chapter Ten – Following a Clue

  • Nancy gets a flat tire. Bad shit is always happening to this girl.
  • Is Barby even a name? I’ve heard of Barbie, but never Barby.
  • “He’s the tallest man I’ve ever seen outside of the circus.” Helen, be nice.

Chapter Eleven – An Unexpected Adventure

  • Nancy frequently handles motorboats? She is definitely a jack-of-all-trades. 

Chapter Twelve – A Desperate Situation

  • Nancy’s the type of girl to run upstairs, even though she knows the culprit is coming up there.
  • I’ve learned Nancy can’t hold in a sneeze to save her life.

Chapter Thirteen – The Frustrating Wait

  • “That old Greek scientist, Archimedes…” Resourceful, Nancy, resourceful.
  • Does the caretaker really believe she’s one of the culprits throwing their voice off as a female? 
  • Hornswoggled. This book is chocked full of fun words. 

Chapter Fourteen – A Tense Chase

  • There is a picture of the caretaker in this chapter, and he is literally shorter than Nancy, despite what Helen said about him earlier.
  • Nancy stopped at the police to tell them to chase after the culprits, yet she could’ve just done it herself and saved time.

Chapter Fifteen – Nancy’s Risky Undertaking

  • “I must notify the police at once … now’s my chance to look for the Crowley clock!” Girl, make up your mind!
  • So. Much. Coincidence. 

Chapter Sixteen – The Capture

  • I love how Nancy just runs into the police at all times of the night.
  • Does everyone know who Carson Drew is? Even a few counties over??

Chapter Seventeen – Strange Instructions

  • Nancy seems reluctant to get in the car with a state trooper?
  • Hannah thinks food fixes everything. And she’s pretty much correct.
  • Cinnamon cake with hot applesauce? Are you for real?

Chapter Eighteen – A Suspenseful Search

  • Nobody seems to care for the Tophams.

Chapter Nineteen – Startling Revelations

  • Not many thoughts on this chapter. Just yay for conclusions!

Chapter Twenty – A Happy Finale

  • Hahah, suck it, Tophams!
  • Literally though, they’re the worst.

What I Enjoyed

  1. It was Nancy Drew’s first mystery! Imagine being a small girl in the 1930’s, picking up your first yellowback book. I would’ve been so excited!
  2. The simplicity of this mystery is classic.
  3. I love how eager Nancy is to be like her father, he is most definitely her idol.
  4. Hannah Gruen!!!

What I Didn’t Like

  1. The Tophams suck butt.
  2. Missing Bess and George even though I know I have to wait till the fifth book for them. 😦
  3. Such a run all over the kind of place mystery. She had to go like three counties over to solve the darned mystery. 
  4. The fact that Josiah Crowley just couldn’t get his crap together, even though I love the old man.


All in all, this was great for a first mystery! I remember first picking this one up when I was a little girl, and it was so fun to re-read it again for nostalgic purposes. I can’t wait to get into The Hidden Staircase, as I completely forgot what that one was about! My favorite part of this book was honestly Hannah Gruen.





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One thought on ““Nancy Ain’t No Yellowback Girl” – Review #1: Secret of the Old Clock

  1. Oh my gosh, I love this! I dreamed of doing this project a while back too! I like that you share your stream of consciousness with us about the chapters as well as a review. Love that you’re staying aware of the Her games and connecting the games with the book. Question – are you reviewing the 2nd edition/rewritten versions of the stories? Not the 1930s original stories? I bet a comparison of those would be really interesting. Also, I literally loled at:
    “Josiah Crowley, deceased man who promised money to like…. everyone.”
    ““Nancy was attracted to both girls”. Okay, okay, I can roll with this.”
    Also, maybe you should have like a… food counter where you keep track of every single food they mention in the books? I feel like they talk about food in the books all the time. Hey, maybe that’s why there are so many food-related puzzles in the game! And why we end up talking about food all the time on the streams!
    Anyways, loved this first review! Keep up the good work. 😀


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