The Hiding Place – Review

The Hiding Place

The Hiding Place.jpg

Author: David Bell

Pages: 400 pages

Publisher: Berkley

Released: October 2nd, 2012

Series: n/a

Main Character(s): Janet Manning, still recovering from the death of her little brother 25 years ago; Ashley Manning, daughter of Janet; Detective Stynes, the deputy during the original case and the sheriff during the present case.

Setting: Dove Point, Ohio

Began: April 17th, 2017

Finished: April 28th, 2017

Goodreads Summary

Twenty-five-years ago, the disappearance of four-year-old Justin Manning rocked the small town of Dove Point, Ohio. After his body was found in a shallow grave in the woods two months later, the repercussions were felt for years.

Janet Manning has been haunted by the murder since the day she lost sight of her brother in the park. Now, with the twenty-fifth anniversary of Justin’s death looming, a detective and a newspaper reporter have started to ask questions, opening old wounds and raising new suspicions. Could the man convicted of the murder — who spent more than two decades in prison — really be innocent? Janet’s childhood friend and high school crush, who was in the park with her that day, has returned to Dove Point, where he is wrestling with his own conflicted memories of the events. And a strange man appears at Janet’s door in the middle of the night, claiming to know the truth.

Soon, years of deceit will be swept away, and the truth about what happened to Janet’s brother will be revealed. And the answers that Janet has sought may be found much closer to home than she ever could have imagined.

What I Enjoyed

  1. Ashley. From the very beginning, she struck me as a very strong female character, and she continue to be just that throughout the novel. She was by far my favorite character, perhaps because she was so close to my own age that I felt I could relate to her more.
  2. The storyline. Very enthralling, and I wanted to continue to read to find out what clue Janet, Detective Stynes, or Ashley would discover next.  No spoilers, though, so read it for yourself. 😉
  3. Detective Stynes was a nice treat, though sometimes he did tend to get on my nerves.

What I Didn’t Like

  1. Janet. Sad, because she WAS the main character. But, she just seemed too sensitive for my liking. I will give her the fact that her little brother died, but that was twenty-five years ago. Some scars never heal, but she seemed a little too eager to mourn so long after. 
  2. So. Many. Characters. They were either badly written or sparsely mentioned.
  3. Writing style. Every chapter was in a third person omniscient point of view, but it would switch EVERY single chapter to where it was almost from Ashley’s point of view, then Janet’s, and then Detective Stynes’. Way too jumpy for me. I got confused a lot. 


Overall, it was a good book. But I wouldn’t read it again. The only character I truly liked was Ashley, and every other character was so-so or terrible for me. Even with a good storyline, that’s still a disappointment. My favorite thing about this novel was the character of Ashley Manning. 




045123796X (ISBN13: 9780451237965)

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